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Got swag? You will once your brand is splashed on the right promo products. Plus, the right promo products will keep your brand on their mind and their mind on your brand.

85% of people who receive a shirt or a hat recall the organization that gave it to them (ASI), and after receiving a promotional product, 52% of people will do business with the advertiser. (PPAI)

It’s true: When consumers see your name on a useful product, they’re more likely to come to you over a business that didn’t give them anything. Here are a few swaggy ideas that can help you launch your brand and extend your reach.

Keep your brand top of mind with these promo products.

  • Tumblers: One of these with your brand’s name and logo would look great on everyone’s office desks.
  • Hand sanitizers: A travel-size bottle of sanitizer is one of the more practical swag ideas.
  • Apparel: Wearables like hats or T-shirts are popular and make you recognizable in the community. These can also be a great gift for your employees and top supporters.
  • Pens: People use pens every day—why not make sure your name is on one of them?
  • Custom printed mailer boxes: Don’t just put your name on a promo product; put it on the box carrying your products.
  • Phone grips and stands (like PopSockets): Sticker pockets that can hold credit cards are also popular.
  • Lip balm: It’s a year-round favorite that’s always useful.
  • Planners/calendars: Goes great with a branded pen!
  • Coffee mugs: A staple in the promo products world, you can never go wrong with a coffee cup.
  • Stress relievers/stress balls: This is a memorable option if you’re looking for something out of the norm.

Take your brand to the streets! Become the cool cat in town with swag that’s memorable, unique and fun. Connect with a promo product expert who can help you choose the right items that meet your budget, represent your brand and help you stay on people’s minds.


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