Have you put your direct mail on the back burner? If so, turn up the heat: Direct mail is more effective than ever! While it works great on its own, direct mail can become a powerhouse tool when you use it to drive people to your website and inspire them to take action.

Although social media, email, PPC and other forms of digital marketing are effective, adding direct mail to your mix will supercharge your efforts to win more customers, increase sales and boost revenue. Plus, it’s one more touchpoint with your audience.

It takes 6–8 marketing touches before a person makes the decision to buy. (Salesforce)

Elevate your direct mail with these three easy tips:

1. Variable data

Create targeted 1:1 communications without drastically increasing the price per piece. Customize text, color, images and graphics based on what you know about your customers. At Firespring, we’ve seen campaigns experience a lift up to 10X when variable data is in play.

YMCA direct mailer

2. Video

With a built-in audiovisual player, a video starts automatically playing when the mailer gets opened. A less foolproof, but more cost-effective way to incorporate video in print are QR codes and custom URLs that recipients can scan and access with
their phones.

Firespring video direct mailer

3. Dimensional Mail

Get more attention by thinking outside the box (or envelope). Dimensional mailers stand and make an impression that lasts. Think die cuts, custom packaging, oversized envelopes, interactive, promo items, unique folds and pop-ups.

St. Baldrick's dimensional direct mailer

How can you make a bigger impact with direct mail while reducing expenses?

Let us count the ways: Tap us to do a free audit of your printed pieces and how they fit into your marketing strategy. You’ll see how to incorporate direct mail into a plan that cuts costs and boosts conversion.

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