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There are many reasons print marketing tactics resonate with audiences better than sticking solely with online advertisements, especially when print is accompanied by integrated marketing campaigns. The addition of print is highly impactful because it’s tactile and your audience gets to physically interact with your piece.

This makes it more memorable—which is key to funneling recipients through your sales or donation process.

As print continues to make its mark in the digital age through strategic integrated marketing efforts, we wanted to share how these campaigns allow businesses to communicate the same message in different ways across multiple platforms.

Do: Make a change when it’s needed-timing is everything.

You may find in the course of a campaign that your audience is getting stuck. Maybe they’re opening your emails but not clicking your provided links. Maybe they’re visiting your site but not completing a purchase. It’s important to take time to look at campaign performance and adjust where necessary throughout its run.

Don’t: Set it and forget it.

Integrated campaigns require a certain level of oversight. That’s not to say you should be spending all your time ensuring the pre-planned timeline for your campaign is accurate. Rather, allowing your timeline to play out while pivoting when necessary can show your audience you’re invested in their participation with your brand without overworking your already busy schedule.

Example: University Donation Campaign

A Firespring client in the education industry was hoping to increase donations from alumni in the upcoming year. Our teams created a multi-channel marketing strategy, only to realize we weren’t seeing the engagement we had expected. After realizing the addition of a few more touch points may be necessary for maximum engagement, we were able to make a few minor adjustments and surpass the client’s donation goals for the year.

Do: Use digital in conjunction with print.

When you reach your audience with similar messaging at different points throughout their day, you’re more likely to break through the proverbial wall many people create to shield themselves from the barrage of daily messages. Bonus points for communication that breaks the mold and looks or sounds unconventional, as  messages with an interesting perspective will make your audience think twice.

Don’t: Utilize print alone.

As we mentioned, print is an integral part in many successful campaigns. However, print alone may not be the answer. When you take time to look at how print can be part of the larger picture of your marketing efforts, you’ll find it’s much more effective when paired with other mediums.

Example: Kontor Records

Folks in the music business get sent a lot of music. A. Lot. Of. Music. German company Kontor Records found a way to stand out from the crowd. Instead of sending a CD to their audience, they developed a mailer that folds out into a 2-D “record player” printed with a QR code. Users simply had to download an app, line up their phones with the “record” and watch a virtual needle pop up and play it right from their iPhone.

Do: Personalize your message to your audience.

We live in a world where getting anyone’s basic information is fairly simple. Variable data printing allows you to use the information at your fingertips to better influence the types of people you’re trying to reach.

Don’t: Use a one-size-fits-all strategy.

Your strategy, like your audience, doesn’t fit a single mold. By creating different messages for different sections of your audience, you’re able to show individuals the full value of what your products or services can do for them.

Example: Be The Match

This nonprofit realized they had a hole to fill. Few men aged 18–24 were signing up for their bone marrow registry, leaving a gap in their donor system. They launched a campaign that personalized their messaging to this particular demographic by placing males within that age range as the face of their campaign, and they saw a huge uptick in donor registrations from this previously underrepresented group.

With the right messaging, printed materials and team on your side, your next integrated marketing campaign has all it needs to be successful. Talk with the experts at Firespring and get going on your next great idea.