Synergy: The interaction of elements that, when combined, produce a total effect that is greater than the sum of the individual elements, contributions, etc.

You are hereby invited to the wedding of print and digital marketing—or at least to this explanation of how a marriage between the two can create the type of synergy in your marketing efforts that’ll produce bigger and better results.

Print marketing is powerful. Digital marketing is powerful. And it’s likely you use both. But, do they complement and support each other? When you marry print and digital marketing in a way where each one works to make the other more effective, all of a sudden 1+1 equals more than 2 and the whole becomes greater than the sum of its parts.

Welcome to five ways you can create a synergistic relationship between your print and digital marketing efforts.

How to marry print and digital marketing.

1. Promote your website with direct mail.

The internet is ripe with fierce competition. You can never assume that your website is going use direct mail to promote your website to be easily found, even with your best SEO efforts. If you want customers to engage with you online, tell them—use direct mail to get your message across. Some ideas: Use postcards to show a preview of some of your bestsellers, then direct people to a landing page on your website to view (and learn) more. Use QR codes in your newsletter to give people a quick path to your site. Send coupons or special offers via direct mail, then instruct users to redeem them online.

2. Boost email subscribers with business cards.

The power of business cards as a marketing tool is often overlooked. Did you know that many boost email subscribers with business cardspeople really do keep the business cards they get? They hang on to them so they can reference them when the moment is right. Make your business cards both unique and eye-catching as well as practical and useful with a link to a webpage where they can sign up for your business’ emails/e-newsletter.

3. Get more social media followers with a printed newsletter.

A printed newsletter is more than a communication tool; it can help instill trust with your gain more social followers with a printed newslettercustomers, demonstrate expertise and build relationships with those who receive it. Why not take that relationship to the next level and invite your newsletter recipients to follow you on your social media channels? Tell them where you’re most active and what they can find when they engage with you on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. This is a step in the right direction because social media gives users a place for some back-and-forth that your newsletter doesn’t provide.

4. Boost website traffic with posters and flyers.

Nothing wrong with some old-school efforts! No business is too big to outgrow the impact of boost website traffic with posters and flyerswell-placed posters, flyers, table tents and the like. Just think “fun and creative.” Like, maybe you want to attract some attention at local coffee shops. You could use some language and imagery that’s appropriate in that context (e.g., “See What’s Brewing at <Name of Your Company>”) and include your URL (or better yet, a QR code) to drive them to your website. Think about strategic spots where you’d get the most bang for your buck, and let those posters and flyers, um, fly.

5. Use stickers to promote a social media campaign or website contest.

Before you tune me out, hear me out: I’m not talking about the kind of stickers you find in kids’ use stickers to promote a social media campaigncoloring books. The stickers I’m referring to are professionally printed and can be placed practically anywhere, from car bumpers to windows to delivery vans to ceilings (think dental offices—there is no more captive of an audience than someone who’s getting their teeth cleaned). Stickers and decals are versatile and can be placed in a variety of spots, and you can use them for driving people to one of your social media platforms or a landing page on your website (like a contest page or a special promo page). Plus, they’re a great way to surprise and delight your audience, especially if you can place them in some unexpected spots.

Let’s marry your print and digital marketing together.

So, now you see how print and digital marketing can become a powerful combination when you use them in sync. Next, we’d love to show you how our print and marketing experts at Firespring can help you create this type of synergy. We’ve been working with thousands of brands to bridge their offline and online words for decades now; how about we do the same for you?

Here’s a little something to get your creative wheels spinning. Then, let’s talk about your next print and digital marketing project, ‘cause ours are already going full speed.