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It’s summer and events are coming back. Many people are jumping at the chance to enjoy the weather and spend time with their community. Farmers markets, art fairs, music festivals and conventions are busier than ever. Wondering how you’ll stand out at outdoor events? Let us. help as this is the perfect time to up your print game and prep for the influx of outdoor event marketing opportunities.

Outdoor events are fantastic ways to share your brand’s message, because people take their time to peruse each event booth, and those who are really interested in your brand will stick around for a while. That being said, outdoor events can be busy, overwhelming endeavors. You gotta cut through the noise if you’re going to get attention. Fortunately, Firespring’s lineup of print products designed specifically for outdoor use can be your best ally to shine in the sunshine.

Pop-Up Tents

  • A full custom tent will get you noticed for sure. Our tents stand tall above the ground and draw attention with bold colors and your logo.
  • You can protect your merchandise and other print materials from rain, sun and wind with a tent.
  • We’ll work with you to add your name, logo, colors, website and other brand identity elements to your tent in a clean custom design.

Flags and Banners

  • Flags bring a sense of motion to a display that catches eyes and draws people in like a beacon. Once they arrive at your booth, banners will give a bold, instant impression of who you are.
  • Our flags and banners can include your name and logo, while keeping a simple, memorable design.


  • Once people are in your booth, you can explain what your organization does and offer an informative, beautifully designed flyer.
  • Flyers deepen your audience’s understanding of your work and can be used as a personal invitation to visit your store or website on another day.
  • We’ll work with you to include key details about your products and services, without overloading them with information.

Business Cards

  • This may seem like an obvious choice, but that’s because business cards are essential. If the people who stop by your booth leave with nothing else, they should have your card. Leave them on display so any passerby can pick up your info.
  • Our print team can ensure your business card matches the other products (tent, banners, flyers, etc.) so you have a cohesive and professional look.

Water Bottles

  • A good water bottle can become an absolutely indispensable item, and people will hang on to them for a really long time. By investing in quality branded water bottles, you’re creating an item your audience will use on a regular basis and develop an attachment to.
  • Summer event attendees will be extra happy if you have a water dispenser to fill up their new bottles.

Useful Promo Items

  • People LOVE free stuff, especially if they can use it right away. Handy promo items in the hot sun can include sunscreen, lip balm, hand sanitizer, sunglasses, cooling towels, etc.
  • These pragmatic items with your branding on them will instantly make event attendees happy, strengthening their connection to your organization.

Fun Promo Items

  • Lean into the summertime fun with themed promo items people will use for the rest of the season: frisbees, beach balls, rally towels, etc.
  • These collectibles will attract people to your tent and event attendees will get a little reminder of your organization every time they go to the beach or pack for a barbecue.

Stand out at outdoor events.

Let your best summer event marketing begin! Start promoting your event today by getting in touch with our print team. We’re here to help with everything from design to delivery and everything in between.


Stand out at outdoor events