Likes and comments on your social posts are nice, but there’s something more valuable in your marketing toolbox you may be overlooking. Chances are, it’s only a few clicks away from you at all times. We’re talking about your tried and true mode of communication in the digital age—your email inbox.

There’s more power and leverage in one email subscriber than 100 Facebook likes or 50 Twitter followers; that is, if email marketing is done right. Luckily for you, we’ve compiled 5 secrets that email marketing geniuses use for continued success. Go ahead, read on to discover those secrets and use them as your own.

1. Every subject line is relevant and compelling.

A well-crafted subject line ensures your email marketing efforts aren’t over before they begin and helps you avoid the dreaded “trash” folder. The email subject line is the showstopper, the captivator and the first impression attention-grabber. It should be specific, interesting, relevant and brief.

Let’s be real here—it’s easy to get lazy with your subject lines. Not because you don’t care, but maybe because you feel like you’ve tried it all or aren’t having a creative day. Ask yourself this one golden rule of subject lines each and every time: “If I received this email, would I click based on the subject line?”

Examples of attention-grabbing subject lines include verbiage like:

  • We didn’t want you to find out like this…
    • This subject line, or one like it, piques the audience’s attention and makes them want to know what information you have to spill!
  • This is Your LAST Chance to [Insert Action Here]
    • This subject line creates a sense of urgency for the audience.
  • [Name], you can help us reach our goal by doing this simple thing.
    • Whether it’s attending an event or fundraising, adding personalization helps increase the likelihood that your message will be read. Why? Everybody loves to feel special!

2. Every message comes from a real person.

Signed, sealed and delivered to your audience’s inbox is the name of the game. It feels more authentic when your recipients can put a face with the words they’re receiving. That’s why you should always sign a name with your email marketing messages. Instead of simply sending an important update, making the email from a specific person gives you the opportunity to capture personality and voice, which comes across as warm and personal.

3. Every message is mobile friendly.

According to Oberlo, mobile web traffic accounts for 52.6% of global web traffic. Consider how many times you reach into your pocket to check your email each day. If your email messages aren’t optimized for a mobile experience, credibility quickly goes down the drain. Even worse? Your message might not be legible on mobile. Ensure that your email messages are optimized to be viewed on devices of any size so you don’t lose out on important audience members. We’re talking more than HALF of your audience!

4. Every message has a specific and singular call to action.

Think of your email message as the starting point. What do you want your audience to do next? Whether you’re asking them to donate, to buy a product or simply acknowledge a new update on your website, there should be one clear call to action.

Muddled calls to action means your audience is far less likely to do the thing you want them to. For example, if you ask your audience to visit your website at the top of the email, some may click this link and never return to your original email. They wouldn’t see that further down you had a more important call to action where you asked the audience to go directly to your donation page or shop for a product.

5. Every message is meaningful, making recipients feel like insiders.

An email just to hit a quota isn’t the type of marketing message you want to send. Too often, businesses and organizations fall victim to putting out a monthly or weekly email even if there isn’t anything to say. While you may be trying to impress the boss or executive director with quantity, trust us when we say they’ll be more impressed with the quality. Share important updates and meaningful, relevant information with your audience. This will help you develop a tight-knit community who truly cares about what you have to say.

It’s time to deliver on your email marketing campaigns. Use these five tried and true methods to increase the success of your campaigns. Remember—it all starts with your subject line, but the email content and follow-through are all equally important. It’s time to put these secrets to good use. Get out there and start typing… you know what to do!


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