How we deliver a message to our audience is crucial to how the message is received. Hitting your target audience is tricky. Just because one person hears things one way, doesn’t mean the next person will too.

At a webinar a few weeks ago someone posed the question, “I’ve got all of these different messages, and I’ve got this target audience, but they’re not adapting to the way that we market. What can I do to fix this?”

If they’re not listening to the way you promote your brand, your content or your advertisements, it’s time for something to change.

The better question here is, why are we trying to fit our target audience into the way we do things? That’s like trying to fit something big into a box that is just too small. You should be trying to do the exact opposite.

Instead of trying to make your audience fit your marketing, ask yourself and your colleagues who they think your target audience is and how you can get your message to them. Next, do some research. Find out how your audience likes to communicate or receive their content. This is where you aim to hit the bullseye.

Say you have a message that needs to go out. The first step is to identify where your audience is. If your demographic is older, you might choose to utilize Facebook, your website, newspaper or radio ads. If your audience is made up of millennials, try Instagram or Twitter. And if your audience is Gen Z, you should be looking into Tik Tok or Instagram. This is how you will reach audience 1, 2 and 3. Creating content to go on one platform and not another limits who will hear your message. Optimize your viewers by making your content reach your audience.

Take a step back and instead of looking at how you currently do things, look at how your target audience receives your message. If they aren’t lining up, make a plan to change how you communicate with your audience, and focus on how they want to hear, listen or see your message.

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