Wondering how lead gen can expand your business? Trying to attract new customers? If you’re like many businesses, you’re in “ramp up” mode, getting back to operating at full speed after 12+ months of survival mode.

Fill the top of your sales funnel with these four tips for effective lead generation:

pencil in hand1. Develop your one-liner.

This is a simple, clear and memorable way to tell potential customers what you do and, more importantly, how “what you do” benefits them. Pepper it all over your marketing materials, and put it front and center on your website.

target2. Target the right audience.

Some marketers try to cast a wide net to catch everyone they can with general messaging. That’s one way to go—but not always the most effective. Define who it is you want to reach, then craft messaging that resonates with that particular audience to get the biggest bang for your marketing bucks.

writing content3. Create content that matters.

Think of something that will provide value to your target audience. Create it. Then, post your lead generator directly on your website, but behind a form—it could be an article, a checklist, a video or maybe a printable PDF. Here’s where the lead gen part comes in: Make it accessible to your visitors in exchange for their email address.

holding hands4. Begin a relationship.

Once you have a person’s contact information, put them in a nurture (or drip) email campaign, and welcome them to your business with a series of emails that tell them more about you and the solutions you provide. Along the way, give them opportunities to engage—visit your website, follow you on social, take a survey, etc.

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