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Engage customers with an incentive worth earning.

A good-faith giveaway is always a good idea.

Producing and offering an enticing giveaway product—from sunglasses to coffee mugs—for the price of contact information is easy and effective.

For a small investment, you can drive future business and improve brand affinity through a simple lead-generation campaign. Spread the word about your promo item far and wide, wherever your customers connect with you: in the mailbox, their inbox or social media feed.

promo giveaway campaign quick activation marketing program

With our Promo Giveaway Campaign marketing program, you’ll receive:

  Standard Premium
Customer outreach strategy
4 Facebook ads
5 social media posts
4 emails (Content and basic layout, no custom HTML coding)
2 direct mail pieces (9”x6” postcard, 10”x12” oversized envelope mailer)*
Branded promotional item ideas**
1 campaign microsite (WordPress subdomain, 5 pages max)  

* Does not include printing or mailing costs.
** Does not include actual item or production costs.

Engage customers with a Promo Giveaway Campaign marketing program!

Take advantage of this complete package at a greatly reduced investment to increase your brand presence and drive new leads.

What our clients are saying.

Firespring really stepped up for their nonprofit clients during this difficult time. During my free strategic planning session, they helped me determine the next steps for our organization regarding how we communicate with our staff, volunteers, donors and other stakeholders. They provided me with lots of valuable resources to help the Trust move forward and a sense of calm during the uncertain time of COVID-19. A huge thanks to Firespring for proving that they truly care about their clients.

Hannah Sidel

Relationship Director, Crane Trust

Nebraska's First Certified B Corporation