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Bringing in new customers or clients to your business is no easy task, but it could be easier—with a sales funnel. After the initial buzz of a new business wears off, acquiring new customers becomes more of a task. One could even say that acquiring new customers is an artform.

A successful customer acquisition process creates a systematic, sustainable acquisition strategy that can evolve with new trends and changes. (Hubspot) The cost of acquiring new customers has increased 60% over the past six years. With prices skyrocketing, how is it possible to keep costs down? The key is to develop a sales funnel that takes the guesswork out of your marketing efforts and actually provides a return.

A sales funnel has several stages, usually known as the top, middle and bottom (though this varies according to each company’s sales model). However you structure your funnel, this is where you place your leads or potential buyers to gently move them toward their buying decision. Check out these five reasons to develop a sales funnel!

5 Reasons to Create a Sales Funnel:

1. You can do it inexpensively.

There are tons of free resources online to help you create a sales funnel that makes sense for your business. *Ahem, the cheat sheet!* From email marketing tools to lead generation tactics, you don’t need a ton of money to invest in building a sales funnel.

2. You can create one on your own terms.

Every business is different, and although each sales funnel has the same general concept, you can tailor it toward your business needs. Think about what makes the most sense for the audience you’re trying to reach. How do you normally make contact with new customers, and what pushes them closer to buying from your business?

3. You’ll know exactly what channels to use and what assets you’ll need—no wasting unnecessary marketing dollars.

Marketing dollars are precious and should be used in a way that makes the most sense. With a sales funnel, your business will be able to understand how to reach potential customers and which avenues will be most effective at different stages in the funnel.

4. You can get an enormous return if you’re willing to go the distance with your potential customers.

Listen to your customers’ needs. Meet them where they are! With a sales funnel, it’s easy to identify each stage of the buying journey and understand their needs and pain points. Then, you can address those needs and move on to a budding partnership.

5. You win over clients without being pushy.

Trying to win over a client that isn’t interested is the same as fighting an uphill battle. A sales funnel helps you understand who is interested in your business and who may not be the right fit. An effective sales funnel helps give you the right number of touchpoints at exactly the right time your potential new customer needs it!

To create an effective sales funnel that results in new and satisfied customers (and happy salespeople), include the four key elements outlined in our free cheat sheet.


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