In marketing, “touchy” and “feely” are equally important.

Have you heard the saying, “Sell the sizzle, not the steak”? Translation: Tap into feelings rather than facts. You know—”enjoy the tender buttery flavor” rather than “this beef is from a cow in Nebraska.” The sizzle is about the feely part of marketing.

Equally important: A multi-thronged approach to selling that sizzle. Add some touchy to that feely—and we’re not talking about physical touches. We’re talking marketing touches.

According to Salesforce, “It takes 6–8 marketing touches before a person makes the decision to buy.”

You not only want to provoke feelings with your message, you want to do it multiple times, in several ways. This is what’s known as an “integrated campaign”—a communication strategy that uses several marketing channels to connect with prospects and move them to act. Marketing channels in a successful integrated campaign typically include your website, direct mail, social media and email marketing, among others. That’s the secret sauce to smart marketing!

Let’s add some steak sauce to really make your mouth water: See what Southeast Community College accomplished last year when we helped them create their “Choose You” integrated marketing campaign.


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