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Maybe you’ve seen the term “strategic marketing” thrown around online or used as a buzzword on LinkedIn. It’s all over the place so it must be important, right? Still, it’s hard to crystallize exactly what a marketing strategy entails or how it fits into your organization.

Well at Firespring, our philosophy on marketing strategy is pretty cut and dry: Find and plan the best way to communicate our clients’ messages to the people who really need to hear them. Our strategists put time, research and careful thought into what we create for clients, how we present it and who we present it to. And all of that work is to ensure we maximize the results of your marketing efforts.

In the words of one of our strategists, Maureen, “Strategy is the difference between throwing stuff at the wall and getting actual results.” Firespring offers comprehensive strategy services for our clients—let’s lay out exactly what you can expect from them.

Marketing strategy is optimization.

No matter what you want—an eye-catching direct mailer, bold social media content, an updated website or a comprehensive advertising campaign—our creative team will work with you to create the materials you need to reach and exceed your goals. And, our marketing strategists will build a path for you to get there.

Marketing strategy is for those who seek a better way, not just “the way things have always been done.” When our strategy team sees a better way for you to present your messaging or impact your audience, they identify the steps to get you where you want to go efficiently with engaging materials.

Our strategists look for ways to optimize every aspect of your marketing efforts. They carefully and intentionally push the envelope with your creative. They uncover new leads and better targeting tactics. When you enlist the help of the marketing strategy team, you’re getting the help of people who live to go above and beyond to discover your marketing best case scenario.

Marketing strategy plays the long game.

Strategists are the chess masters of the marketing world. They’re always thinking several steps ahead for the good of their clients. From small, quick-turn projects to extensive campaigns, every project is an opportunity for strategy to grow your marketing resources and results.

Strategy is an evolving process that moves and changes as your industry and needs change. Our strategy team stays in regular contact with our clients to keep up to date with their circumstances. This helps the strategists develop an initial plan and be nimble enough to adjust on the fly. Once the strategists have mapped out the best course of action for you, they also work closely with our creative team to make sure they align with your strategy as they build your marketing materials.

Regardless of the life span of your marketing efforts, strategists identify key ways to measure the success of your marketing. By finding what indicators are worth measuring and how to measure them, strategists plan ahead to make your next campaign even more effective.

Marketing strategy is scalable.

The cool thing about marketing strategy is that a little can go a long way. Our strategists’ findings create positive ripples through your organization for years to come. With some research and planning, strategists get carefully planned marketing materials in front of the right people to make the right impact. And that applies to any campaign, big or small.

A seemingly simple direct mail piece can be amped up to achieve fantastic results with the help of a carefully crafted mailing list and resonant content and design. We have grown a newsletter subscriber list of over 1,000 from nothing by strategically developing SEO and digital advertising tactics. The marketing world is wide, and we want to make sure you’re jumping into it with a plan.

Ready to start seeing some strategy-driven results? Drop us a line and we’ll get you connected with our resident strategy masters.