A day in the life at Firespring looks different for every Firespringer. My name is Maddie and in my role as a creative intern, I can appreciate the variety that each day brings.

The creative intern falls under an umbrella of unlimited tasks. I find myself writing copy, researching for internal and external projects, auditing content and brainstorming… lots of brainstorming. There are many other miscellaneous tasks that come with the title of being an intern, but I can attest that I’ve never fetched anyone their coffee! They do that themselves around here.

When I started at Firespring back in May, I was just finishing up my junior year at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. The pressure of figuring out my plans after graduation had set in, and if I had been asked one more time what those plans were, I might have cried. Fast forward three months and now I can confidently say I have a general idea of what those plans could look like. Firespring has done a great job helping me discover my strengths and talents and has provided me with opportunities to put those strengths to use in my work. I’ve also been able to recognize my weaknesses, which is equally as important as recognizing strengths. I mean, I really thought that I wanted to do design when I was just starting out, now I know that I enjoy writing and am much better at it, too.

Something that I’ve come to love about being an intern is the process of finding work. Not only does this bring plenty of variety to my week, but it’s also good practice and brings the opportunity to collaborate with many different people. If you show your team that you are interested and willing to work, the projects will follow. It’s a rewarding process.

My favorite thing about Firespring is being able to work with a team made up of several different specialties (i.e., graphic designer, copywriter, content creator). It’s amazing how much I’ve learned from each of these people both individually and when they come together as a team.

Seeing how a client project evolves through each team within Firespring is one of the coolest things. Once the client reaches the fulfillment side of things, the account managers will task the designers with creating graphics and the writers will write the copy to pair with it. The results always blow my mind and the client’s, too.

I feel so fortunate to be able to learn from the creative team. They’ve welcomed me with open arms and have done a great job teaching me the ropes. Having the opportunity to learn from the best and work on real projects has been an invaluable experience that I am so grateful for. My time at Firespring and the connections I’ve made will be something that I cherish forever.

Firespring takes pride in leading and mentoring those who are interested in pursuing careers in our industry. If you are interested in the opportunities at Firespring, we’d be thrilled to have you check out our current job openings. We are always looking to add talented individuals to our team!

If there’s one thing you should know before starting at Firespring, it’s that we are professional back havers. Whether you’re celebrating a big win, struggling with a project or just needing a team player, you will always have someone in your corner.


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