One volunteer’s observations behind the scenes at the Do More Good Conference.

They came in at different times with differing levels of confusion on their faces. “Is this where I’m supposed to be?” most asked as they shuffled in with their bags.

“Yep, this is the speakers’ room. Come on in.”

A flowing skirt. A suit. A military uniform. A bike helmet and a backpack. No two speakers fit the same mold, but each had an important message to share—a message about doing more good and how to find your purpose. Their reasons for taking time out of their busy schedules were clearly vested in something much bigger than a business conference.

As they introduced themselves to one another, it was easy to see why so many are in the positions they’re in. Charisma was part of it, but more than that, there was a genuine sense that each of them wanted to learn. When they shook your hand, they looked you in the eye in a way that said, “I want to know more about you.”

Each of the speakers came and went from the room throughout the day, running between the podcast recording room, the auditorium and the myriad of other places they needed to be. It quickly became clear their thought leadership was needed in more places than just on the mainstage.

The true value of these speakers comes from more than their business experience or title or list of achievements. It comes down to this—the way they talk to one another (and the volunteers) in the speakers’ room.

Influencer, thought leader, corporate social responsibility—these are topics they can speak about and ideas they relate to, but it’s not what made them good fits to speak at this conference. What made them the perfect fit, however, was abundantly clear during their interactions in the speakers’ room.

They care about the people around them. They care about the power of purpose and how they use it. They care about using their voices and platforms to create a world where purpose-driven business is more than just a buzzword on a conference poster. They’re striving to make the world we live in now one that’s better, does better, treats people better and uses the resources it has to push toward social responsibility and reinforce the power of purpose.

With more leaders like this in the world, there are no limits to the power of purpose. And finding your purpose has never been better exemplified than in the actions of the speakers at the Do More Good conference. Stay tuned for the 2020 lineup!

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