As a nonprofit, you’re on a mission. To fulfill your mission, you rely on the generosity of those who believe in your cause. In other words, you need people to donate either their time or money to help you succeed. So what’s the best way to accomplish this? It’s simple. Just ask by creating nonprofit calls to action that convert.

When it comes to your website, a call to action is the very spot where you ask somebody to do something (e.g., Donate Now! Sign Up to Volunteer! Subscribe to our Blog!). Any successful nonprofit has an effective call to action.

Crafting an Effective Call to Action

Before you start crafting a call to action, ask yourself one question: What’s the one thing I want my website visitors to do when they get to my landing page? The words you use should move them toward completing this action. When you’re ready to write your call to action, keep these tips in mind:

Use actionable language. There’s a reason it’s referred to as a call to action. Utilize strong verbs that inspire your visitors, like: “act,” “fight” and “invest.” Network for Good points out that it’s important to stay away from ambiguous words like “support.” And, only use “join” if you have a membership model.

Be concise. You don’t have a lot of space to get your point across. Check out this example from Oxfam America. They put their own spin on three common calls to action, effectively turning them into inspiring requests.

Don’t be afraid to ask more than once. If you’re running a fundraising campaign, you should have a call to action on a landing page that asks people to donate. However, you can also include call to action buttons throughout your entire website. Having the same call to action multiple times throughout an appeal can help drive more results.

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