These days, the internet is accessible from the palms of our hands. Did you know that more than 60% of internet searches are conducted on mobile devices? Plus, more than 50% of mobile phone users use their smartphones as their primary internet source. Trends show that these numbers will continue to grow, which is why it’s vital that mobile should be a significant part of your marketing plan.

QR codes are one of the tools in your mobile toolkit that can help you achieve great success. That’s right—they’re still around, and they can be an effective way to connect mobile users with your organization. These codes have especially made a comeback since the pandemic with many working from home, allowing audiences to easily open a site on their phones during a presentation or even from the tv!

Simply put, a QR code is a scannable code that your audience can easily use by opening up their smartphone camera, pointing and clicking a website URL that automatically pops up. Sounds easy for your audience, right? That’s because it is! Plus, it’s effective for your organization. Check out these five reasons your organization should care about QR codes.

1. They’re very easy to make and they’re measurable.

With QR codes, you can look at the analytics right after you launch a campaign, and you can know exactly whether or not it’s working—and how well it’s working. Generating a QR code is as easy as adding a plug in to your browser!

2. They complement existing campaigns.

Using QR codes is not another new strategy in and of itself—it’s something that complements other marketing efforts, such as direct mail, email marketing and display marketing (like placing posters in a coffee shop, for example). QR codes work in conjunction with existing campaigns and other marketing tools to increase effectiveness. Think of a QR code as a walkway to get your user to the next step.

3. They can work for everyone, big budget or not.

QR codes make it possible to reach out and connect with people, no matter the size of your marketing budget or department. Nonprofits of any size can use them. You don’t have to be big, and you don’t necessarily have to be small. They’re an equal-opportunity marketing tool. The tools to create them are generally free!

4. They’re versatile and can be used for more than marketing.

Let’s say you work for a children’s museum. You could place a sign near each exhibit with a QR code that’ll take visitors to a landing page with more information about that particular display or feature. They’re an effective way to help educate, inform and spread the word about your cause.

5. They can drive donations.

One of the most successful results we’ve seen from the use of QR codes happened after the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. It was the largest fundraiser the American Red Cross has ever conducted via mobile devices. There were more donations by mobile than during any other campaign in history, and it was largely due to the use of QR codes and how they allowed people to easily connect and donate.

As you prepare your next marketing plan, there’s no doubt that mobile should be front and center, and that using QR codes is an effective way to enhance your campaigns! Make sure your QR code leads your audience to take the next step, whether that be learning more or donating to your organization. It’s as easy as opening the camera app, scanning and clicking!