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Why do you need to start start a nonprofit blog? It’s important that every nonprofit organization understands how simple it can be to create an effective blogging strategy. But let’s address this question right off the bat: Who should blog?

Think for a moment back to high school or college. What did you prefer—writing or math and science? Did you cringe when it came time to writing essays, or did you welcome it? Do you love to write?

If you don’t have a natural interest in writing, then blogging is not for you. Please don’t even try. You’ll just aggravate yourself and the people around you. But this doesn’t mean that your organization shouldn’t have a nonprofit blog.

The best bloggers are those who are naturally comfortable with writing—and that does not have to be an executive director or anyone in your organization’s leadership. Your nonprofit blog does not have to come from the word on high. It can be written by anyone plugged into your organization. And in the nonprofit world, the best way to start a nonprofit blog is to put together a team of bloggers.

Here’s how you do it: First, find four to six people who are natural writers, and recruit them to blog on behalf of your organization. These people can be volunteers, donors, even people that you’re serving in the community. Next, get your bloggers together to discuss your blog’s theme and mission. Here’s where you should bring in the executive director as well as your marketing person, to make sure that the blog’s mission ties in with your organization’s overall goals.

Once you’ve assembled your team, brainstorm to come up with as many blog topics as you can. Narrow them down to your top ideas, put together a calendar, and divide and conquer. Assign topics to each blogger, and you’re good to go—now your nonprofit has an effective blogging strategy. Bring your team together once a month for a brainstorming session, and you’ll have fresh website content on an ongoing basis. It’s great for your site’s vitality and SEO, it increases awareness of your organization, plus it gives you great content to promote via Facebook and Twitter.

Oh, and did I mention starting a nonprofit blog is free? Many website platforms already include blogging capabilities, and it won’t cost you extra. An effective blogging strategy is not only important for your nonprofit, but it’s a free marketing tool that you can’t afford to disregard.

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