A big congrats to Firespring’s chief marketing officer, Angie Kubicek, for receiving a well-deserved recognition as the 2020 Marketer of the Year from the Lincoln chapter of the AMA (American Marketing Association). Angie oversees all of Firespring’s marketing operations, serving thousands of brands and nonprofits across the country.

Angie Kubicek is a strategic multidisciplinary marketing professional with an eye for innovation. Her vast skill set includes media strategy, branding, social media, content creation and PR. Angie’s passion is combining her knowledge and experience in these areas to deliver the best creative and strategy to her clients and their audiences.

Kevin Thomas, Firespring’s chief operating officer, remarks, “Angie has proven to be one of the most savvy marketing professionals in the region. She has a knack for understanding modern marketing tactics and how they apply to today’s buyers. She has demonstrated a willingness to learn something from scratch and quickly convert new ideas into thought-leadership within groups and organizations.”

At Firespring, Angie uses her skills to help clients further their mission by identifying their immediate goals and developing smart marketing strategies to meet or exceed them. She also empowers her team of marketers and creative professionals to take risks and explore new ideas or methods without fear of failure, knowing that settling for the status quo rarely makes an impact. Angie Kubicek is also passionate about helping brands discover their “why” and defining their purpose beyond making a profit.