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attract new donors and volunteers with lead generation tactics

Looking for more in 2021? Two words: Lead generation.

If “more” is your mantra this year, our newest ebook is the perfect fit. Our latest publication details everything you need to know about lead generation and how to fill your funnel effectively with prospective donors and volunteers.

“Lead gen” sounds like a fancy marketing term, but it’s probably something you’re already doing: piquing new people’s interest in your org. This new ebook will help you do it even better.

Download it and learn:

  • Why customized content is king and ideas for what to create.
  • Six practical steps that’ll help you secure more leads.
  • How your top supporters can be your best lead generators.
  • How to make your website a lead-generating magnet.

Let’s grow your nonprofit together.

Download “Lead Generation: How to Attract New Donors and Volunteers.”

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