Last Updated 05/01/2024

  • We will provide assistance with server settings when setting up new accounts. Support documentation is provided and available for self-service here.
  • Email delivery will be confirmed via webmail.
  • Firespring is unable to support third-party email client issues (e.g., Outlook, Mac Mail, Thunderbird, etc.). We will verify that email is sending and receiving through webmail and that there are no other known service issues.
  • We will assist in resetting passwords via the Springboard.
  • Firespring will confirm that all necessary domain and routing configuration is valid.
  • Firespring’s security processes require us to confirm identity before we access any client email account. We will ask for verbal acceptance to access your mailbox on your behalf via contact information we have on file or other publicly available contact information for your organization.
  • Status can be found at or
  • The maximum size of an email box is 25 GB.
  • The maximum size for an email attachment is 50 MB.
  • Other account suspensions may occur if virus or other malicious activity is detected. Once you confirm removal of viruses, we will work with you to reactivate your account.
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