In the world of all things creative, associate creative director, Lucas Fahrer, never fails to bring his best ideas to the table. Being an ACD is kind of a BFD as he supports our entire creative team of graphic designers, audio and video producers, writers and web developers ideate and create all kinds of assets for our clients. This involves anything from integrated marketing campaigns to radio spots to print ads.

Lucas says that everytime he sees our work out in the wild, it reminds him of all of the effort put into getting it there. “It’s really rewarding to discover big ideas together and bring them to life with our different talents.” Being a part of a team of incredibly talented people, all with different strengths is Lucas’ favorite part about going to work every day. They even hangout outside of the office!

Since 2019, Lucas has been volunteering at the Food Bank of Lincoln. However, since the fall of 2020, he’s recruited a few fellow Firespringers who tag along to help give food to community members who are in need on a monthly basis. “Our team staffs a food distribution—a drive-thru where we load 25–40 pounds of food into each household’s car.” That’s about a week’s worth of food per trunk, and in their first three months of serving the Food Bank’s largest distribution point, they served over 1,500 families!

Lucas first found out about the opportunity to help local families through his wife, who works at the Food Bank. “She told me about how rewarding it was to help get food to families, especially at in-person distributions. Unfortunately, the need is great in Lincoln, so we end up helping a lot of folks.”

Volunteering as a team is something that Lucas feels has brought them closer together. “Getting out of the office with the people you work with always helps you get to know each other better.” The feeling of good after an afternoon of volunteering is enlightening in Lucas’ eyes— “It helps us see the impact that we can all make on others.”

The most rewarding part of volunteering at the Food Bank is making sure that families have their basic needs met. “The Food Bank of Lincoln does such important work, and I’m proud that we get to play a small role in helping them feed our community.” Trading a few hours out in the cold handing out groceries is a small price to pay to make sure our neighbors are taken care of. Besides, the families are extremely thankful, which is heartwarming enough. “We have folks that stop to tell us how grateful they are and how important the food they receive is for them, especially over the holidays.” The credit all goes to the Food Bank, which has an amazing team, says Lucas.

Lucas feels so strongly about Firespring’s Power of 3 program because it furthers people’s empathy and perspective. “It’s certainly not why we do it, but it’s a byproduct of the experience.” He says that these elements cannot be overlooked when we create ads, brands or content—it helps us better understand the world around us and the worlds our clients live in. The program is proof that we don’t just talk the talk. Lucas is proud to work at a Certified B Corporation because it aligns with his personal values and what he thinks businesses should stand for. “If we’re going to prosper from being in this community, we should give back in as many ways as we can.”

When asked how volunteering brings him satisfaction in his personal life, Lucas explained how he is a better person for it and how all of the Firespringers that he volunteers with would say the same thing. “Gaining perspective, building camaraderie and taking time to lift others up—that’s the kind of legacy that matters.”

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