Want more engaged employees, better growth and the ability to out-innovate the competition? Then it might be time to start doing more good.

On March 21-22, thought leaders from the purpose-driven business movement will join business leaders from across the country in Lincoln, Nebraska, for the “ROI of Why” Conference, hosted by the Do More Good® Movement.

Participants will discuss issues and trends facing a new wave of businesses who are becoming their best selves by serving their communities, customers and the world at large. They will leave with clear-cut strategies for aligning their purpose with profit.

Let’s talk about the Do More Good® Movement and what firms operating in 2023 stand to gain from discovering the ROI of Why.

What is the Do More Good® Movement?

Headquartered in Lincoln, Nebraska, the Do More Good® Movement exists to educate, empower and amplify companies and business leaders doing more good. It aspires to increase the number of purpose-driven businesses operating in the U.S. to 40,000 by the end of 2024 – up from 8,000 in 2019.

At the core of the movement is the belief that capitalism can be a force for good when businesses prioritize their impact over sheer financial gain. It helps business leaders navigate the strategic hurdles on the path to becoming more purpose-driven and embodies the traits and characteristics of the four largest frameworks around purpose-first businesses:

  • Benefit Corporations (legislation has now passed in 37 states)
  • Certified B Corporations
  • Conscious Capitalism
  • 1% for the Planet

A few traits that make Do More Good® Movement partners different from traditional businesses include:

  • They have a clearly defined vision or purpose and have adapted their business models to generate financial success while, and as a result of, pursuing their core purpose and living their core values.
  • They tend to make employee satisfaction and work-life balance a priority.
  • Leaders at all levels embrace and drive home a purpose-driven culture.

Why become a partner of the Do More Good® Movement?

A growing body of research—from the likes of Gallup, Deloitte and the Harvard School of Business—shows that purpose-driven businesses not only benefit their communities and stakeholders but tend to outperform in many areas:

  • Having more engaged (and therefore more productive) employees who are less likely to switch jobs.
  • Growing faster than, and out-innovating, the competition.
  • Achieving higher customer satisfaction.
  • Tending to be more diverse and inclusive.
  • Earning greater consumer trust.
  • And perhaps most importantly, purpose-driven companies are on average 14 times more profitable than those that are not.

For example Deloitte, in a study of purpose-driven companies, found that they experienced higher market share and grew on average three times faster than their competitors. They also reported 30% higher levels of innovation and 49% higher levels of workforce retention.

Once you consider what’s happening under the hood of a purpose-driven business, these and other findings make sense. For example (just to name a few):

  • It’s no shock that employees—especially Millennials—prefer to work for organizations they view as making a positive impact. According to Gallup, only about a third of U.S. employees are engaged at work. If only 8 out of 10 employees felt their job was important, companies could realize a 41% drop in absenteeism, a 50% drop in safety incidents and a 30% increase in quality.
  • According to Deloitte, “More than 80% of consumers would be willing to pay more if a brand raised its prices to be more environmentally and socially responsible or to pay higher wages to its employees.” Purpose-driven companies are more likely to earn consumer trust and loyalty.
  • According to Harvard Business Review, companies that make purpose-driven business decisions have a better ability to drive successful innovation and transformational change. Imagine a company that “develops computer software for the medical industry,” versus one that “creates industry-leading trackers to give individuals detailed insights into their personal health.” Which might be more popular with consumers?

What is the ROI of Why Conference?

The ROI of Why Conference is the nation’s premier meeting of the minds for purpose-driven organizations. This year’s event in Lincoln on March 21-22 will feature guests from the Benefit Corporation movement, Certified B Corporations, Conscious Capitalism, 1% for the Planet and more. They will accompany national, state and local business leaders, who will leave with actionable strategies for aligning purpose and profit in their business models.

Attendees of this year’s in-person event will experience over a dozen high-profile speakers and a full schedule of interactive activities and breakout sessions. A detailed speaker list, as well as tickets, can be found on the event webpage.

How Do I Become a Do More Good® Movement Partner?

Information on becoming a partner of the Do More Good® Movement can be found at domoregood.com. Benefits include substantial discounts on all educational events and conferences, promotional recognition at events and on the website, and access to premium content. Most importantly, you will be supporting the movement to reclaim capitalism.


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