At Firespring, giving back to the community is ingrained in our DNA. But we don’t just talk about being “powered by purpose”—we walk the walk. That’s why we abide by our 3% rule: Every year, we donate 3% of our profits, products and employee time to making an impact in the community.


For Firespringers, this means dedicating around two hours per week to volunteering for a cause or organization they are passionate about.


We take pride in acknowledging the outstanding community work of our fellow Firespringers. That’s why we select Firespringers to interview about their volunteer activities. We had the pleasure of catching up with Sarah Robbins, our talented Director of Client Onboarding.


When Sarah isn’t busy going above and beyond for our Firespring clients, she combines her love for soccer and parenting by volunteering as a soccer coach for her son’s pre-kindergarten team. We sat down with her for a quick interview. Take a look!


Q: What was your most recent volunteering experience?
A: This spring, I volunteered with the YMCA as a co-coach for my son’s soccer team.


Q: Volunteering for youth sports sounds like a fun and challenging role. Was there anything particularly rewarding about it?
A: Getting to teach young kids how to have good sportsmanship and how to have fun instead of worrying about winning was very rewarding. Especially since for some of them, it was their first time playing a sport. I was thrilled to get to be a part of that. Working with five-year-old boys definitely has its challenges, especially in terms of their listening skills. However, seeing new things “click” and the sheer excitement they radiate when scoring a goal made every moment worthwhile.


Q: Did you have a special reason for choosing to volunteer as a coach?
A: Having played soccer myself during high school, it meant a great deal to me to have the opportunity to teach my son the sport. It was extra special because it was his first organized sports experience.


Q: Do you have any favorite memories?
A: One of the most heartwarming moments was witnessing my son score his first goal. I’ll always remember the sheer joy on his face and the huge smile he gave me. Being on a team with some of his friends and seeing their interactions added another layer of enjoyment.


Keep up the good work, Sarah!!


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