As Chief Client Experience Officer, Molly Coke oversees all aspects of the client experience as well as retention marketing. She’s a steward and evangelist of Firespring’s company culture. She works hard to make sure our clients receive the best experience and that our team members are in roles that help them thrive in their talents. Molly’s favorite part of her job is getting to help people, both team members and clients.

“I live for those lightbulb moments for others and watching individuals maximize their potential.”

Outside of work, Molly takes our Power of 3 program to the max. Molly and her husband started an event called Kegs for the Cure, which benefits the American Cancer Society. This June, they will host their 13th annual event.

Molly’s role in the event is to find the venue, organize donors and volunteers, lay out the space and logistics and order supplies. So, basically everything from start to finish.

“I first lost my mom to colon cancer. More recently I lost my step dad to lung cancer. When a family member hears the ‘C’ word diagnosis, it’s a helpless feeling. There’s a lot of fear and unknowns. was a great resource for our family, and we wanted to do something fun and upbeat to celebrate the lives of those we’ve loved. Too many of us have experienced the disruption that cancer can bring to lives, so our event is a way to pause, remember, recognize and give back.”

The mission behind Kegs for the Cure is incredible, but knowing that the work the event does to recognize life and brings together a community of fantastic people is, too. Over the years, Molly and her husband have met some of their best friends through hosting this event.

Getting to taste a lot of beer in the process of organizing the event is just one perk, but something that keeps Molly going is the home brewers themselves. She says that the brewers who donate their home brew really make the event run. For many of them, this event is the only outlet for them to share their brews with a broader audience. Getting to see the brewers light up when someone loves what they’ve produced is another huge highlight. They ask brewers to dedicate their brew in honor or in memory of a loved one who has had cancer. It’s special to hear the stories of those who are no longer with us and to see the survivors claim their beer at the event.

Hosting Kegs for the Cure has given Molly tons of insight that she can bring back to her work at Firespring. “Fundraising is hard! Planning events takes a lot of time and love. These are things that our clients are faced with every single day.” She believes that volunteering teaches us empathy because understanding what our clients do can only make us better in our roles but it also improves our quality of life. Giving back to our own community makes it a better place to live, says Molly.