The organization you love deserves a day or night in the spotlight. Events are the livelihood of many organizations and a key fundraising essential, which means it’s time to put your best foot forward with your next nonprofit event. You’ll have one small detail to work out—an enviable guest list!

The most important part of any nonprofit event is to get people through the doors, and the stakes have never been higher. More attendees means more opportunities for you to build relationships and garner donations from your supporters. Think about the lifelong partnerships just waiting to be built… if only you can reach the right people.

Next time you find yourself planning the nonprofit event of the year, consider these tried and true methods:

Social Media

The average person spends around 145 minutes on social media per day. Think of the endless possibilities to reach new people just waiting to fall in love with your organization, only a quick scroll away. It’s your time to shine by producing thumb-stopping content that halts your future nonprofit event attendees mid-scroll. You can utilize both organic social media (posting and getting your constituents to share) or paid (put some money behind it to reach more people than ever before!).

Video Marketing

If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine how much a captivating video is worth. We’re living in the age of short attention spans which means a concise and compelling video could help your organization cut through the noise. Make a fun “movie trailer” for the event. Have somebody you’ve helped tell their story. There are so many ways to use video, all at your fingertips with a smartphone and some good lighting.

Blog Articles

At the heart of every organization is a compelling story. You’re in this line of work because you care about a cause, and this is your chance to expand on your “why.” Use sincere stories from your donors, volunteers and, most importantly, the people you have helped. We think there’s nothing better than a blinking cursor on a blank page, but if you don’t feel the same way, check out these nonprofit storytelling tips to find a story worth sharing and develop your hook.

Press Releases

They say no press is bad press, but luckily your event will truly fall into the “good press” category. Drafting a press release and sending out to local publications can help spread the word far and wide on news sites, TV channels and more. Make sure to include a captivating quote from one of your constituents that truly drives home the importance of giving to your cause.

Compelling Imagery

People connect with real people. While using stock imagery is a backup option, it lacks the genuine feel of candid images of your real volunteers or people you’ve helped (with their permission, or course). When your event attendees can connect with the people you help, they’ll feel more connected to your organization.


Save something special to be announced or awarded at the event to help build an air of mystery. Tease out the exclusivity of the information or award as a “can’t-be-missed” or attendees-only surprise. There’s nothing like a little bit of intrigue to get those would-be attendees to show up.

These are all great examples for you to use to promote your next nonprofit event, but don’t forget to focus on the details for those who are already coming. The key to increasing attendance is to create a meaningful experience for all of your guests. If your cause allows you to be lighthearted and have some fun, go for it! Create an event concept that excites people so much that they can’t wait to attend next year.

These tools and tips are just the start. If you’re ready to take your event to the next level, download the ebook Nonprofit Events: Raise More, Stress Less with Digital Tools that Work.


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