Your website is a welcoming place for your organization. For some nonprofits, especially ones dedicated to supporting survivors of domestic violence, a website can be a place of hope and new beginnings—a haven.


What do domestic violence organizations need in a website?

As you’re working to end violence against humanity, remember how important it is for your website to be a safe place. Here are a few features you’ll want to ensure your website includes:


Emergency phone link

People visit your website for several reasons, right? They might come to find volunteering opportunities, donate to your organization or learn more about what domestic violence is and the signs of abuse. But some are seeking immediate help. Display your 24-hour emergency phone number in the first place most people look—the upper right corner of your website. And, make that number a link so that all anyone has to do is click to start receiving assistance.

domestic violence websites should have an emergency phone link immediately visible.


Address-free footer

Nonprofits typically want to place their address in the footer of their website. It makes for a great user experience because prospective donors and volunteers can easily find where they need to go in less than three seconds. However, when your organization is serving people in danger, displaying your address anywhere on your website is risky. Ensure the website template you want to use allows for some flexibility and doesn’t require an address in the footer.

domestic violence organizations can help keep their constituents safe by leaving their address out of the website footer


Escape button

You know the key ingredient to making your website as safe as possible for your visitors is a built-in escape button. These buttons must be easily accessible and always present, no matter where your visitor navigates to on your site. When clicked, the button will automatically open a new tab to the Google homepage. And, the tab the domestic violence organization site was on will switch The Weather Channel’s homepage—something relevant and unassuming.

an escape button is critical for a domestic violence organization's website


Haven is a nonprofit website theme that harbors a feeling of refuge, and can be a place of safety for your website visitors. This theme was designed specifically for the needs of advocacy groups and domestic violence organizations. It includes critical features to help your organization keep your constituents safe.

Take a look around Haven for yourself. Have questions? Email hello@firespring.com or call us toll-free at 888.388.5778 and we’ll be happy to help.