It sure seems like your nonprofit website design should be a “set it and forget it” kind of thing, like automatic sprinklers on a timer. To be effective, though, you can’t launch your website and then ignore it—not for long periods of time.

Design trends come and go, technology advances, new features and functionality appear. To be effective, your website needs consistent TLC, so it looks (and functions) like it’s open for business.

Let’s do a quick evaluation. It might be time for a design refresh if any of these seem relatable.

1. Your design looks so 2,000 and late.

If your nonprofit website design looks like it was created 10-15 years ago (or longer), you’re giving the impression that your organization is behind the times. People are ruthless: 48% of people determine the credibility of a business by its website design. You know people are bouncing if your site looks outdated.


2. The user experience is bad.

Do users have to click around multiple times to make a donation or register for an event? Does your site look wonky on mobile devices? Is your navigation confusing? These are signs it’s time for a design update.


3. Your conversion rates are suffering.

If you’re not hitting the numbers you want (donations, event registrations, newsletter subscribers, etc.), that could be a clue that your nonprofit website design isn’t providing the seamless experience that your audience is looking for.


4. Your website isn’t accessible.

Accessibility means that all people can use your website, regardless of ability or disability. If your website has fallen behind on accessibility standards, it’s time to consult an expert to see how to make it more current and usable for everyone. Plus, Google and other search engines favor sites that are accessible—which brings us to our last point.


5. Google doesn’t like it.

If you want to show up high in search rankings, an SEO-optimized website is a must. The tricky thing is that Google is always changing its algorithm, so it’s important to work with experts who can keep you updated on how to tweak and improve your site to get in good with Google.

Rest assured that we’re not going to let you fall behind the times; we stay updated on technology and website best practices so you don’t have to. In fact, check out one of our newest nonprofit website designs, Axis, which offers keyboard-accessible navigation with dropdown and flyout sections.

If you’re ready to update your nonprofit website design with something that looks much more 2024, Nina can show you some options and help you get started.


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