Guest Webinar: Difficult Conversations – with Trina Walker

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“I love confrontation,” said no one ever.

Conflict exists even in the best of relationships. How might you approach a difficult conversation in a way that is both respectful and productive? How can you enter these conversations confidently, and use them to build up and strengthen your team, your community, your family – not tear them down? This session asserts that hard conversations are essential to growth – and provides you with tools to help you prepare for and engage in them.

Learning objectives for this session:

  • Understand what makes conversations difficult and why they are necessary.
  • Explore tools for structuring conversations, especially difficult ones.

About the presenter

Trina Walker

Trina Walker

With more than 25 years of experience in helping organizations to further their missions, Trina Walker’s heart is in making the world a better place. Trina is the Founder and Lead Consultant for TLW Strategy, a Pittsburgh-area consultancy designed to help purpose-driven organizations succeed.

Trina is an experienced and dynamic facilitator who leads interactive meetings, learning experiences and collaborative work sessions, structured to generate robust ideas and garner consensus. Through intentional structures and methods that maximize engagement and distribute control, her facilitations are engaging, productive and even fun!

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