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5 Reasons to Update Your Logo

Your company’s logo gives a first impression—does it reflect who you are and what you do? Just like individuals, companies and organizations evolve over time, and if you’ve evolved away from your logo design, or other significant changes have taken place in your...

The Art of Acquiring New Customers

Bringing in new customers or clients to your business is no easy task, but it could be easier—with a sales funnel. After the initial buzz of a new business wears off, acquiring new customers becomes more of a task. One could even say that acquiring new customers is...

The Secret Sauce to Smart Marketing

In marketing, “touchy” and “feely” are equally important. Have you heard the saying, “Sell the sizzle, not the steak”? Translation: Tap into feelings rather than facts. You know—”enjoy the tender buttery flavor” rather than “this beef is from a cow in Nebraska.”...

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