The pursuit of that one powerful, ROI-driving B2B marketing strategy can feel like an endless quest. Marketing best practices are always shifting as trends rise and fall and new marketing technologies emerge. That B2B marketing climb can feel especially uphill because of businesses’ complex buyer’s journey—one full of data-driven decision making and lengthy approval processes.

B2B marketing is the process where one business builds a mutually beneficial relationship with another business to buy or sell them their products and services. As businesses’ priorities change, it can be difficult to create a marketing strategy that maintains genuine relationships. However, opportunities in B2B marketing are worth chasing. Let’s dig into why B2B marketing matters and how we can work toward that not-so-mythical B2B marketing strategy.

Despite the explosion of useful digital marketing tools, print is alive and well. In fact, current print technology offers unique, new opportunities to connect with businesses. Print marketing is tactile, customizable and permanent which makes it easier for viewers to develop a connection to its messaging. Unlike temporary digital ads, high-quality prints are a hard copy that your prospects can go back to and revisit whenever they want.

Traditional advertising channels are consistently rated as more trustworthy than digital ads, and studies have shown that print ads are easier to understand and remember, which lets them make stronger connections in the brain. 

Print marketing should work in tandem with your digital marketing efforts to ground your online messaging in the physical world. Well-made prints give a brand a sense of integrity other businesses are willing to trust. Digital is great at building awareness, and print can come in to call prospects to action.

Firespring has been in the printing game for quite a while now, and we can print pretty much anything you dream up for your business. As a leading provider of direct mailers, we can create uniform branding materials and we can make any signs, brochures or displays your business needs to get real results. Beyond print, Firespring has B2B marketing expertise to help you turn prospects into partners. Let’s chat and bring that extraordinary B2B marketing strategy to life, together.