Without marketing, even the best ideas, products and services are bound to fail. If nobody knows about it, how can it succeed? Marketing is all about positioning yourself as the expert in your field. It’s about putting your best foot forward. It’s about enticing people to choose your brand over competitors offering similar products and services. Marketing is the magic behind each of those initiatives.

Because of the weight marketing carries for promoting what you do, you can’t afford to not invest in marketing services. Check out just a few of the reasons your business can benefit from investing in quality marketing efforts below.

1. Boost Awareness

People need to know your business exists before they will purchase your products or services. It’s possible that your business solves a problem they didn’t know they had, or provides a service they didn’t know they needed. Marketing extends your reach to those prospective customers.

Plus, once you hook those prospects and they become your customers, there’s the potential for them to become a brand ambassador (a.k.a. doing some of the marketing for you!). People trust people they know or follow, and brand ambassadors can be a huge help to boost your audience and reach.

2. Inform

Marketing educates current and prospective customers about your business and how it serves a need they have. Smart businesses work to demonstrate a need for what they sell. They determine what benefits their products or services provide and put those benefits in front of the right people. It’s about digging deeper to find out what your business’ competitive advantage is in your market.

There are a variety of channels you can use to educate your audience, including blog articles, ebooks, paid social advertising, social media pages/groups and more. According to HubSpot, nearly 40% of marketers say content marketing is very important. Find out what works best for your audience by experimenting with various channels and messages.

3. Engage

Marketing keeps the conversation going and your business top of mind. Note that engaging current and prospective customers is different from simply pushing your offers. It’s more about relationship building and providing an engaging customer experience.

Consider unique ways you could engage with your audience via direct mail. One survey by USPS revealed, “67% of respondents said they feel mail is more personal than the internet; 56% say receiving mail is a real pleasure and 55% look forward to discovering the mail they receive.” Email boxes these days are full of spam and tons of offers. Sometimes going a different route, like the mailbox, is more personal.

4. Build and Maintain Your Business’ Reputation

Professional marketing and a consistent brand indicate that your company is reputable, trustworthy and credible. A solid reputation built from marketing increases profitability, attracts and retains better talent, and improves customer loyalty. (Comparably) Focusing on your marketing materials aids that credibility and shows that your company is legitimate.

5. Impact Your Bottom Line

Most of all, marketing is what continues to drive business and impacts your bottom line. It helps you find new customers, it reminds your current customers that you’re here, and it helps get the word out about the competitive advantages your business offers. Basically, with all of these benefits investing in quality marketing is crucial for success.

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