At first thought, variable data may sound something like a boring math equation. In reality, the concept may be somewhat of an equation, but it’s as simple as managing your data to add a personal touch to your email marketing materials. Simply put, email marketing that utilizes variable data allows you to add personalized data to the piece, like a first name or location, based on data you have. Firespring marketing experts can help you develop a strategic plan that includes using variable data for your email marketing campaigns.

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Let’s dive further into what variable data is, why you should definitely be utilizing it and ideas to put it into action.

The Who

Variable data requires that you keep updated and accurate information on your intended recipients, most often your existing customers or somebody who has already expressed interest in your products and services. For the best success rate, you’ll want to know and understand your audience as best as possible. This involves collecting data, such as name, email and other interests or preferences. With the right information, variable data can go much further than a simple subject line, including targeting certain customers with deals that might be most appealing to them.

The What

Using variable data in email marketing means personalizing your message to the recipient using data you have about that contact. This could simply be a first name in the subject line of an email or a special offer based on the store location the recipient lives closest to.

Depending on your customer database, variable data could be limited to first names, geography or previous spend with your company. However, it could also include information as robust as age, gender, primary language and more. This may be your sign to invest in a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system that can easily and accurately store the data you need.


The Why

According to Inbox Insights 2022, nearly 60% of the most successful email marketers think personalization is one of the best ways to increase engagement. People want to feel like more than just a number and to be seen as individuals. Personalized emails stand out in an inbox as relevant and tailor-made.

Plus, these types of emails are more likely to get opened and clicked because of those personal touches. One study shows that personalized subject lines were more likely to be opened than non personalized subject lines by 26%! This can help strengthen customer experiences by sending the right content at the right time.

The How

Don’t be afraid to get started! You can always start small, such as with a first name in a subject line, and grow to something more advanced as you continue to grow your database and it becomes more robust. A few ideas for places you can personalize your email messages include:

  • Email subject lines
  • Salutations
  • Special offers
  • Sales representative data in signature

Remember that the more personalized you can make your content, the better chance you’ll have of catching your customers’ eyes. If an offer is based on past buying habits and personal interests, your customers are much more likely to take action.

Personalized emails help drive engagement from your audience, and every bit of personalization helps. From your subject line to specific offers, personalization has proven to help drive further action from your customers. The better your CRM system and segmentation efforts, the better your messages will land with your specific audience.

Our marketing experts can help you develop a strategic plan that includes variable data for your email marketing campaigns or direct mail. You don’t have to do it alone! Tap into our marketing expertise on your next creative marketing project.


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