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Matia Ward’s official title at Firespring is web developer, but some call her a magic maker. She enjoys getting to build out custom, unique functionality into our clients’ sites. Matia also loves the challenge of meeting our clients’ specific needs through her development.

When she isn’t building amazing websites, Matia dedicates her time to Royal Family Kids, a nonprofit with a mission to provide positive memories and experiences to children who are in the foster care system. Royal Family Kids is committed to childhood trauma intervention.

Matia volunteeringRoyal Family Kids offers a summer camp and a mentoring club, both of which Matia has been involved for the past 12 years. During the summer months she serves as a camp counselor, pouring positive attention and affirmation into two campers all week long. Similarly, when she serves with the mentorship program, Matia spends quality time with her mentee doing fun activities and talking through just about anything. Matia finds it extremely important to be a positive role model. Since it’s common for kids in this program to “age out,” Matia forms relationships based on trust and friendship, which allows her to continue those connections outside the club.

Matia first got involved with Royal Family Kids when she volunteered at a camp with one of her friends. Many of the kids she was working with came from situations of abuse, poverty and neglect, which is what drives Matia to return every year. Giving these kids positive memories, new experiences and showing them unconditional love is a life-changing experience for Matia and for the kids she connects with.

When asked what the most rewarding part about her time at Royal Family Kids, Matia said, “Watching the kids gain trust in their counselor or mentor. Some of them are still in very difficult places in life, so to be able to put them in a loving, caring and kid-friendly environment for camp or mentoring is very rewarding.”

Having grown up in a loving environment, Matia finds it heartwarming to be able to show others the same love and stability that she was fortunate to have. “Even if I positively affect only one child, that is still one child that now has a better future.”

Firespring’s Power of 3 program encourages all team members to volunteer at least 3% of their time to causes they care about. That’s around eight hours a month dedicated to serving others.

Nonprofit organizations change lives, says Matia, they are tirelessly trying to help others. “Volunteers are crucial to these organizations. By requiring employees to volunteer, Firespring is helping many organizations thrive. This also encourages team members to support the organizations they are passionate about or gain new experiences wherever they choose to spend their volunteer time.”

We’re incredibly proud of the difference that Matia makes through her volunteering at Royal Family Kids.

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