It’s hard to believe that another summer is winding down, and fall is just around the corner. With every new season comes new opportunities to host fundraisers that truly inspire your attendees and raise important funds for your organization. Check out these 10 fundraising ideas for fall, along with the ways you can market the event to be considered the success of the season.

10 Fall Fundraising Ideas

1. Host a Fall Festival. Think fall decorations, seasonal goods and sports played in the autumn. Host a “fall” or “harvest” festival where you sell locally baked goods for donations, donate to enter a fall sports game like football and sell food where the proceeds all go to your organization.

2. Create a Back-to-School Fundraiser. Sometimes, all a fundraiser needs is a good theme for the time of year. Now that school is headed back into session, or some may already be there, host a back-to-school inspired fundraiser. This could be a huge summer send off or a learning theme where you can teach others about your organization.

3. Cook-Off at a Soup/Chili Spectacular. Ask for a donation to enter the chili or soup cook-off and watch as you ladle in the donations. Plus, offer an option to pay a donation fee in order to judge and taste the soups!

4. Hold a Bake-Off. Use the same concept as above—ask for a donation fee to join the bake-off and offer a prize to the top winner. Plus, you can offer other refreshments and donate those proceeds to your organization. Consider simultaneously having a bake sale at the event.

5. Run/Walk/Jog for a Cause. Now that the weather is cooler, set a running goal and ask others to contribute a donation for every mile you run, or simply support you on the way to your goal. Set your sights high, and ask your friends to get involved.

6. Host a Costume Party. Fall is the beginning of the spooky season! Host a fundraiser where everybody donates to join the costume contest. Give the best dressed costume a prize, and the proceeds can benefit your organization.

7. Raffle Fall Items. Ask local businesses to donate items you could put into a fall raffle with pre-made gift baskets. This is a win-win because you’re supporting local businesses and benefiting a great cause!

8. Carve it Up at a Pumpkin Carving Contest. May the best pumpkin carver win! This is a way to get both kids and kids at heart involved in your organization. Have various age brackets for the carving competition.

9. Hold a Bonfire. Sell cider, s’more items, special seating and more all for a donation price!

10. Create an Outdoor Movie Experience. Think drive-in movies! All you need is a projector, a sheet and an outdoor space. Offer a free-will donation to watch a halloween thriller (or something more tame!).

Printing Your Fundraiser to the Next Level

When it comes to your fall fundraiser, you’ll want to embrace digital marketing and then take it to the next level in order to drive interest in your event. Studies have shown that combining print marketing with digital promotions drives higher response rates and conversions than digital-only communications.

While an email or digital piece is there as long as a browser is up, a print marketing piece is tangible and can be saved on a fridge, increasing the chances of making a memorable, emotional and lasting impression.

Plus, a tangible print piece shows your audience that you took the time and effort to spend money on printing something specifically for them, whereas sometimes online advertisements can come across as scammy if done incorrectly. For the best success rate, combine the two to solidify your organization as real and trustworthy.

Printed Pieces to Drive Home Your Fundraising Ideas

Now that you’re on board with your fall fundraiser and you’re ready to create your marketing, check out these print ideas to make it a smashing success!

  • Direct Mail: Printed pieces that drive people to your online registration page are an effective way to marry your offline efforts with your online presence. Include a call to action at the bottom of your save the dates and invitations that drive recipients to your online registration page. Consider adding a QR code that easily allows your guests to scan the invite and end up on your landing page.
  • Signage: To create a cohesive, integrated and fully branded experience for your event attendees, be sure all of your event signage reflects the same branding you used for the event and that you regularly use. Consider the colors and design as your work to promote your event.
  • Promo Items: Inexpensive branded promo items that people use or see daily, (looking at you, pens, coffee mugs, magnets and apparel) keep your organization front and center. They’re an effective way to promote your event. Hand some out beforehand or bring them with you on the day of the event to stay top of mind later.
  • Thank-you Cards: Don’t forget to thank the people who made your fundraiser a success! A personal touch includes sending thank you cards to thank your event attendees for their support. Be sure your thank-yous are branded from your organization and that the note is heartfelt.

Together, we can pull off a fall fundraiser you’ll be talking about all year. Let us help you promote your next event with printed materials that stand out. From invitations and custom signs to giveaway items and thank-you cards, you’ll have all the pieces you need for the fundraiser to go off without a hitch.


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