We’ve mentioned how building custom websites is our thing, right? Well, Jaycelyn is one of our extraordinary front-end developers who helps us with all things coding, integrating and customizing. She’s one of the reasons our Nonprofit Website Builder has so many awesome themes and designs for clients to choose from. Getting to fine tune these sites to fit the client’s vision and story just so happens to be Jaycelyn’s favorite thing, too!

Since moving to Lincoln two years ago, Jaycelyn has made it a priority to find volunteer opportunities outside of work. At her church, Citylight, she plays the role of the Children’s Ministry Volunteer, where she gets to teach in the toddlers classroom on Sunday mornings. She also gets to put her web-development skills to use by helping the church edit and maintain their website. Through special events at the zoo such as Boo at the Zoo, she gets to hand out candy, and Zoo Lights, where she gets to serve hot chocolate to chilly zoo visitors. To top it all off, Jaycelyn also donates blood regularly at the Nebraska Community Blood Bank.

Volunteering is something that was instilled in Jaycelyn from a young age. She recalls her 4-H upbringing, where the motto was “To make the best, better.” Jaycelyn strives to be someone who contributes to her community and beyond. Having the ability to volunteer gives her a sense of purpose and progress towards making a difference.

Jaycelyn says that her volunteer roles are a reminder that her daily struggles are much smaller than many others. This perspective puts her in a mindset full of gratitude, which translates into more positivity and innovation within her job at Firespring.

Firespring’s Power of 3 program encourages all team members to volunteer at least 3% of their time to causes they care about. That’s around eight hours a month dedicated to serving others.

“Many companies tote their values, but I love how active Firespring is in living their values out. The supportive culture lives up to the idea that actions speak louder than words,” says Jaycelyn.

Something that Jaycelyn truly believes is that we are all connected. While small, good deeds may seem insignificant in the grand scheme of things, you never know how a single act of selflessness can echo through others and stir up more kindness and change.