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Learn the importance of storytelling for nonprofits.

And 5 easy ways to tell yours.

image illustrating importance of storytelling for nonprofits

Why is telling your story so powerful?

When it comes to nonprofit marketing, your story holds a huge amount of value. Not only does it make your organization memorable, it also creates emotional connections to your organization. Those connections create brand loyalty and can drive awareness, engagement, volunteering and donations.

Your nonprofit’s unique purpose is the foundation of that story, but conveying it is not always easy. In this ebook, you’ll learn the importance of nonprofit storytelling and how telling your story can:

  • Communicate your truth.
  • Build your personality.
  • Establish relationships.
  • Set you apart.
  • Drive action.

Plus, you will get 5 simple steps to start sharing your story right away.

Download the “Why Storytelling Matters and Five Simple Ways to Get Started” ebook to start sharing your story today.

What our clients are saying.

Solutions for Change engaged Firespring in August 2020, to assist with developing a new website and strategic marketing support with our systems change movement #WeAreOneUs. 9 months later, Firespring has exceeded all expectations and become a critical partner in defining and promoting our Impact through clear storytelling in our campaigns, social media, donor communications, and internally with staff. Utilizing the Storybrand model, Firespring helped us bring clarity to who the Hero was of our mission, and simplified our messaging so the community can understand what is the true Problem, the Stakes, and the solution. Alec and the team pushed us outside our comfort zone and challenged previous marketing approaches. The integration of Storybrand methodology into our communications has really helped our marketing and development teams. Firespring gave us a storytelling template and training that we use as a guide when crafting new campaigns, donor outreach and presentations.

Firespring has been so adaptable to our needs, especially as we are thousands of miles away. Zoom meetings ranging from 1 hour to a full day were very collaborative, productive and always FUN. I’ve appreciated the extra efforts and personalized touches by their staff. Our engagement has been customized every step of the way and I look forward to our strategy calls or the weekly check-ins. I’m excited for Solutions for Change's next steps with a rebranding campaign and expansion of our cause and I am confident that we will exceed our performance goals with Firespring as a partner.

Tania Azar

VP of Strategic Direction, Solutions for Change

Nebraska's First Certified B Corporation