Pictures of lattes and lunches. Catching up with old friends. Celebrating big accomplishments. Sure, social media is here for these purposes and more, but it also plays a critical role for nonprofits to tell their stories and uphold their reputations.

And not only that, social media has been a proven method to get constituents to take the next step and engage with your nonprofit. 55% of those who engage with nonprofits via social media have been inspired to take further action, such as donating or volunteering. (npTech for Good) In order to get the most out of your social media strategy and convert your followers into supporters, use these five tips for optimizing your nonprofit’s social presence.

1. Use great content.

Simply being on social media because you know you’re “supposed to” is no longer enough. You want to be on social media to promote great content! Every single organization has a story to tell, and social media is a platform that can help you spread the word.

When in doubt about what type of content to post, use the 80-20 rule. 80% of your content should be about you and your constituents, and 20% should relate to your audience outside of your mission. For content outside of your mission, think inspiring stories, touching videos and even famous quotes.

Remember that great content isn’t necessarily all about the words that you’re writing. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and that continues to ring true on social media. Photos receive 53% more likes, 104% more comments and 84% more link click-throughs than text-based posts. (KISSmetrics) In this case, a picture is worth much more than simple text-based posts.

2. Engage.

Once you send your meticulously crafted social posts out into the world, there’s still work to be done for optimizing your nonprofit’s social presence. Pushing the “post” button is only the beginning. You also need to promote engagement with your social content. For some social sites, the more interaction your posts receive determines how well that post will do in the algorithms.

To boost engagement, consider how you’re positioning the posts. Posts written as a question receive 100x more engagement than statement posts. (KISSmetrics) And remember, resharing is caring! If you notice that a supporter mentions you positively in a post, share it on your social media page. One of the top 5 reasons why Facebook fans “unlike” a nonprofit on Facebook is because they “never responded to my comments.” (npTech for Good)

3. Know your voice.

Just because it’s social media doesn’t mean you can automatically drop your branding guidelines. It’s important to determine your organization’s voice and tone and directly convey it on your social channels.

Ask questions such as:

  • Does your social media voice represent your brand?
  • Are you more corporate or casual?
  • Are you more humorous or inspirational?
  • Is your voice appealing to your demographic?

Determine what type of brand voice your nonprofit has, and make sure that all who post on your social channels understand it.

4. Be transparent.

Social media facilitates such a personal relationship between your organization and your audience that trust is necessary to earn loyal constituents. How can you earn that trust? Be proactive with your responses, no matter the content. Respond quickly to positive and negative feedback. If something goes wrong, own it. You’ll get much further with credibility and your organization if you are transparent with your audience. Transparency is key to optimizing your nonprofit’s social presence.

5. Be consistent.

Like many things in life, consistency is the key to perfecting your craft. Plus, posting consistently helps your organization stay top-of-mind and gain a large followership. If your social media channels look like you haven’t posted in months, it may cause pause from those who are researching your organization. Consistent posts provide credibility to ensure your nonprofit is continuing to operate and thrive.

41% of nonprofits attribute social media success to a detailed strategy. (npTech for Good) Are you ready to get started on your social media strategy? Let us help! We can help you find your audience and focus your efforts. Together, we’ll identify which platforms align with your organization and establish your nonprofit’s best presence through a social media strategy that works.

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