“Once upon a time, our nonprofit…”

As much as we love your organization, we can’t tell your nonprofit’s story. But you can. With the perfect storytelling platform: your website.

Did you know? 82% of donors visit a nonprofit’s website before giving. (Nonprofit Hub)

Before a donor gives, they want to know what you do and who you help—so they head to your website. What will they learn when they find yours? Use your site to share not only your mission and your fundraising goals, but also the people you impact. That’s what donors care about.

Stories create context. They put a face to your challenges and mission.

Stories create connection. They help us relate and create empathy.

Stories inspire action. They stir emotions, which trump logic and data when it comes to decision making.

Use key spots on your website to tell your nonprofit’s story. Highlight detailed, individual stories about the people your nonprofit has helped. Firespring’s nonprofit websites make it easy!

  • Homepage spotlights: Each month, feature a family or individual you’ve helped.
  • Fundraising pages: Show and tell about someone you’ve served that’ll tug on heartstrings and move donors to give.
  • Our Mission page: Highlight an impactful story that defines what your mission is all about and why you exist.

Learn more about how to make an impact through storytelling with everyone’s favorite storytelling guru, Lori Jacobwith.

More importantly, get familiar with Firespring’s Mission Management tool! Watch How to Captivate and Engage Constituents with Your Website to discover the five elements of an engaging website and the one thing every nonprofit should be thinking about, but isn’t. This video will introduce you to our platform and empower you to be your own storytelling guru.

Watch How to Captivate and Engage Constituents with Your Website