When you’re considering your marketing budget and strategy for the year, there are many different avenues that come to mind. Email marketing is a given. Social media? You bet. Direct mail even has a time and place. But there’s often an overlooked area that you forget to consider—promotional products and swag!

Promo products have some serious staying power as far as marketing materials go. On average, 86% of consumers keep a promotional product they receive for a year or more. Consider this as opposed to an email or social media post that is consumed and then the audience moves on. While promotional products or “swag” will cost more to produce, their lasting power is worth the return. Check out five ways to make swag work for your business’s marketing efforts!

1. Find something new and improved

Not all swag items were created equal. Another branded pen? It may be a good idea, depending on your audience and the quality of the pen, but most likely your customers also received one from another brand. Think outside of the box when it comes to your promotional products. Think of ideas like a branded USB, a phone holder for your desk or a tote bag to carry groceries. The sky’s the limit when it comes to thinking up new and fun ideas.

2. Ensure your branding is front and center

Of course, the point of a promotional item is to match your branding. However, there are ways you can take it a step further. Consider what your audience might like based on their likes and interests, and what types of promotional products would make sense for your business to give away. For example, if you’re a restaurant, it would make sense to give away a branded glass of some sort. If your business is a gym or workout facility, give away branded sweat towels. You get the idea! Brand your items, and see if you can find a way to tie it back to your business.

3. Invest in quality products

It may be tempting to find the cheapest deal and order a ton of promo products. However, if you end up getting pieces of junk to hand out, your audience may also associate the quality with your business. Look for something that is high quality but reasonably priced. Remember, the longer your audience has your product around, the more they’ll see your brand! Sometimes, investing a bit more in quality promotional products can give you a better return.

4. Understand your audience

It’s true that you can’t please everyone. You can, however, offer options when it comes to your promo items and swag! For example, a techy gift like a ring light or branded headphones might make sense for a younger generation, but if your audience is primarily 70 and older, techy may not be your best route. Consider who your audience is and what types of products they might use more often.

5. Spread the word on socials

Just because you’re handing out swag items doesn’t mean the promotion should stop there. Encourage your audience to post a picture once they receive the swag for a chance to win prizes, or just to show off how much they love your company! This helps get more eyes on your business by featuring people who already know and love your brand to inform their friends. Influencer marketing is a great way to help find new customers.

It’s time to get started marketing your business with promo products. Whether you have an idea in mind or need an expert’s advice, we’ve got you covered when it comes to promotional materials that’ll help you stand out—both from the crowd and in the minds of your customers.


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