Got swag? If you’ve attended more than a few conferences or company events, you probably have a bagful, including branded pens, bags and mugs. Promo items like that can keep your organization on people’s minds and your mission front and center—and according to a study by Promotional Products Association International (PPAI), they really work. 

Before receiving promo items, about 55% of consumers had previously done business with the advertiser. After receiving the products, 85% did business with them. Plus, most people kept their branded freebie for up to two years.

If you’re trying to decide what promo product to order next, we suggest these top 10 items (based on our experience and orders) that we know people really use and are worth giving away:

1) Pens. A must-have for nearly everyone, these can range from simple plastic click pens to metal writing sets that will impress. Plus, pens are a popular quick-turn product.

2) Imprinted T-shirts. Wearables are hugely popular and something that people tend to keep for years. Check your own drawer: How many branded T-shirts do you own?

3) Sticky notepads. These come in handy for just about everyone (and the perfect complement to a branded pen). Choose from different sizes and shapes; we can even print on waterproof materials.

4) Tumblers (mid-price range). Whichever temp you like your beverages, tumblers and travel mugs are hot with people who are always on the go.

5) Spiral notebooks with hard covers. With mini notebooks as small as 4.25 x 3.25 to full 8.5 x 11 sizes, we can find the size that’s the right fit for both your audience and your budget.

6) Koozies. If there’s any product that’s associated with a good time (and good vibes), it’s a koozie. They even make magnetic ones and slim ones that fit the popular new can style.

7) Lip balm. A pocket-sized promotion with a ton of options: Choose traditional stick case designs or unique globe options. Full-color printing is available on most designs.

8) Microfiber eyeglass cleaners/phone cleaners. Glasses and screens need cleaning, and most of us use a bunch these days. These cleaners provide a daily reminder of your brand.

9) Portfolios. Keep your customers and prospects organized with many leather or colorful portfolio options that you can put your company name and logo on.

10) Ceramic coffee mugs. Wouldn’t you like to be someone’s first thought in the morning, right after “must have coffee?” Here’s your answer.

At Firespring we’ve been to a few conferences ourselves, and our printing team has helped countless clients create eye-catching trade show booths and branded promotional products for all kinds of occasions. We can do the same for you. Get in touch with our print experts, who’ll help you get the swag you need to get you noticed.