Charitable Solicitation: What does it take to be compliant?​ with Sharon Cody, J.D.

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Free Educational Webinar

Must every charity register to solicit funds from the public? How do online donations fit into the picture? Register now for this user-friendly, comprehensive overview of fundraising registration and reporting requirements in all 50 states brought to you by Harbor Compliance.

Get answers to your questions directly from a nonprofit compliance expert, learn tactics for avoiding common pitfalls and penalties, and explore solutions to one of the most common challenges facing nonprofits today.

You will learn:

  • Which states regulate fundraising
  • Which online fundraising activities trigger registration obligations
  • Why compliance should be a priority
  • What fundraising registration costs
  • What ongoing resources you’ll need to manage registrations

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About the presenter

Sharon Cody, J.D.

Sharon Cody, J.D.

Sharon Cody, J.D. is the Nonprofit Partnership Manager at Harbor Compliance. Sharon is passionate about educating nonprofits on the role of compliance as both a best practice and an industry differentiator. Her more than 30 years of experience as an attorney, charitable fundraiser, foundation executive, and nonprofit board member give her unique insight on the use of fundraising compliance as a strategic tool to enhance an organization’s reputation and increase its revenue.

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