Social Media 101 for Nonprofits

webinar how to decipher your web analytics

Free Educational Webinar

This session includes practical tips and tools for extending your cause and mission via social media. We cover the basics of using social media for your nonprofit organization and give you handy tips for the “big 3:” Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. You may be surprised to learn that Facebook is less important than you’ve been told and LinkedIn may be more important. Join us to learn:

  • How to use Facebook to create awareness for your organization.
  • How nonprofits are using Twitter to connect with constituents.
  • Why nonprofits must be LinkedIn to be fully connected.
  • Powerful no-cost or low-cost tools to manage your social media presence.

About the presenter

Molly Coke

Molly Coke

At the helm of Firespring’s support team, Molly Coke is dedicated to ensuring every person who interacts with Firespring is provided the best experience possible. And she has definitely walked that walk—serving on both the sales and support sides of the company during her nearly 20-year tenure, she offers a unique perspective on utilizing technology to build relationships.

As a board member and lifelong volunteer, Molly understands the challenges that businesses and nonprofits face and focuses on developing strategies and methodologies that help organizations achieve ROI.

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