Use Donor Stewardship to Maintain Your Audience and Grow Their Support

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It is easier and less expensive to retain an existing donor than to seek out and convert a brand new one. The best way to properly care for and feed your donors is by creating and maintaining a robust donor stewardship program. Donor stewardship isn’t just for major donors—take steps to help every donor feel the love. 

Join us to discover:

  • 5 tips to boost donor retention.
  • 7 ways you may be unknowingly driving donors away.
  • How to tell the kind of stories that connect with donors.
  • Why you desperately need a new donor welcome email series and how to do it well.
  • Key points in a sharp donor stewardship plan.
  • How to say thank you so your donors feel the love.

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About the presenter

Kiersten Hill

Kiersten Hill

Director of Nonprofit Solutions

Kiersten Hill, is a Nebraska-native born and raised in North Platte. She graduated from the University of Nebraska–Lincoln. With almost two decades in nonprofit management and fundraising, she has raised over $20 million for Nebraska nonprofit organizations and worked to better train and equip nonprofit leaders and boards of directors.

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