For best results, drive your audience to branded donation pages.

If you’ve captured someone’s attention and you want them to act—to donate, volunteer or sign up for your newsletter—it’s best to get them from point A to point B with no distractions. That’s where branded landing pages come in. You can create any number of landing pages designed to inspire and elicit a desired action, and get your supporters right where you want them: saying yes.

Did you know? Branded donation pages for nonprofits raise six times more money.


branded donation landing pages for nonprofits
branded custom urls for donation pages for nonprofits

Custom URLs.

For branded landing pages on your Firespring nonprofit website, you can create custom URLs to highlight what’s most important to your constituents. For example, if your URL is going to appear on a printed piece and you want to highlight something specific, custom URLs can drive the right kind of traffic to your website.

Integrated website analytics and reports.

Manage the results of your marketing efforts by tracking the results of your landing pages to see how well they perform. Leverage your donation pages for nonprofits with the built-in email marketing automation platform, and add even more power and potential to an already robust tool.

branded donation pages for nonprofits integrated analytics

Custom landing page designs.

Your nonprofit website comes with professionally designed landing page layouts created to engage your audience, but if you’d prefer something more customized for a particular event or campaign, our designers have tons of experience building donation pages for nonprofits and can hook you up with something captivating and engaging.

nonprofit branded landing page keep nebraska wild
nonprofit branded landing page new leaf campaign
nonprofit branded landing page insight campaign

Branded donation pages for nonprofits.

Launch campaigns in a snap and accept online fees for fundraisers and events, all while keeping donors on your nonprofit website and increasing conversions. You can create a branded page for every campaign, initiative or event (as many as you’d like), and each with a different goal.

What our clients are saying.

Firespring offers a great ‘out-of-the-box’ solution, but also worked with us to customize features and meet our specific requirements. I felt like the development team really listened to us and delivered what we needed. And the ongoing customer support is outstanding.

Barbara Pates

Child Care Aware of North Dakota

Nebraska's First Certified B Corporation