Welcome to your new mission management system.

Every nonprofit website comes with a user-friendly mission management system that allows you to easily orchestrate all your online activities. No developer or computer geek needed.

mission management dashboard screenshot

Your mission management dashboard puts all your tools and resources at your fingertips: website management, event calendar, event registrations, member management, fundraising and donations, even messages received via your integrated web forms. You can control it all from one place with point-and-click simplicity.

Navigation that gets you there faster.

Don’t waste time hunting around your nonprofit website content management system. Find where you need to go quickly with one-click access to all the tools, reports and information you need.

mission management dashboard navigation menu

Fundraising and donor insights.

fundraising and donations graph

Keep your fundraising campaigns on track with a real-time overview of donor activity at a glance. If something jumps out at you, dig into the details with direct links to specific activities, donors and your website donations.

Email marketing campaign analysis.

website analytics insights

With the integrated email marketing and automation engine built right into your nonprofit website, you can see campaign insights front and center on your dashboard, track results and know how to pivot in order to optimize your email marketing efforts.

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Events and activity timeline.

For event-focused organizations, it’s easier than ever to promote and manage your event activities online. In your mission management dashboard, the timeline keeps you up to date with your next steps to help ensure that every event is successful.

activity timeline

Website activity analytics.

website analytics graph

Under the hood of your nonprofit website is a powerful analytics engine that provides data about website traffic, key performance indicators and other success metrics. You’ll get quick insights into how your audience is engaging with you online.

Nonprofit news and best practices.

With your nonprofit website’s dashboard, you’ll have access to info and education from the brightest nonprofit leaders providing insights and education to keep your organization moving in the right direction.

nonprofit news feed

Get started with your new mission-driven website for nonprofits today.

Expand your organization’s capacity, engage your constituents and boost your fundraising with a website that empowers you with a mission management system you can run on your own.

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