Need privacy? Password-protected portals let you share sensitive information.

What’s shared in a portal, stays in a portal. Communicate with board members, volunteers, staff members and other groups using private portals on your website that are all set up and ready to go. You can add as many portals as your organization needs in order to engage and share in a secure space.

nonprofit board communication portals

Easy permissions management.

You decide who knows (or shares) what. For example, in the case of nonprofit board communication you can restrict sensitive information to your board members, but if one is also a volunteer, simply add them to another group to let them access the relevant information. A permissions management interface is integrated into your org’s site, making it easy to control who has access to what. Plus, you can add users manually or import whole groups in one shot.

nonprofit board communication portal resources
nonprofit board communication portal permissions

Member and volunteer profile management.

You define what information you collect and maintain for each member or volunteer; your user database can be as unique as your organization. Members can request access, update their profiles or reset their passwords if they forget how to log in.

nonprofit board communication user profile
nonprofit board communication user add
nonprofit board communication user add

Searchable member directory.

Add a browsable, searchable member directory to any page on your website, or just keep it on password-protected pages for more restricted access. Plus, control what member information appears in the directory.

nonprofit board communication searchable directory

Get your nonprofit website and secure member areas set up today.

With a nonprofit website by Firespring, nonprofit board communication is easier and sensitive information stays safe and secure. Be sure your board members, key constituents, staff and volunteers stay in the loop with the info they need to do their jobs and support your organization.

What our clients are saying.

I love Firespring—the platform is so easy to use, and the tools and resources available are very helpful. Firespring is consistent, reliable and their customer support is just fantastic. Knowing somebody’s going to pick up the phone when I call is a great relief. They are always willing to listen to my ideas and figure out a solution for me, which allows me to confidently tell my team that ‘Yes, we can do this on our website.’

Kim Krueger

Communications Director, The Whole Person

Nebraska's First Certified B Corporation